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I love manga, anime, and Japanese & otaku culture <3 That includes Japanese food and other things related to the culture. I'm a hopeless romantic and if there's no romance/love in an anime or manga you won't find it here. (>.<) But even a little romance is enough, so still check and see if I post a manga or anime that you want to see! You can do that by, checking the My List & Recommendations link And if you want me to post something that's not up here, then I am open to recommendations. ^-^ You won't really find cosplay posts on this blog, but I do appreciate cosplay and all otaku culture. Hope you like my blog<3 I'TS AN OTAKU WORLD!!!
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I just finished kaichou wa maid-sama and I want a similar anime to watch because I’m in love omg

Try Special A

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Kotonoha no Niwa - animation background vs photos of the same places - by CoMix Wave Studio.

it’s no secret that CoMix Wave Studio do their backgrounds by referencing photos extremely closely. I remember seeing a step-by-step how-to in their “5 Centimeters per second” book. so this time they released some photos for us to look at as well :). 

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30 Day Anime Challenge - DAY 5 →


DAY 5 - Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoy

Ohohoho. Well, besides my unholy addiction to Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and other such manga/anime series, I am even more hesitant to admit that I (with all fiber of my being) enjoyed Peach Girl.
Yes, Peach Girl.

Peach Girl Super Pop Love Hurricane.



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"Both hands are miraculously unscathed."

"He must have given his all to protect his hands at that instant. When I saw his body in the car, his hands were already positioned like this."

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